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We provide total IT solution and IT Distributor Indonesia

Repeatit expands network connectivity by creating high quality wireless networking products intertwined with our unique, performance enhancing software and cloud ecosystem that greatly increases wireless performance and management capabilities.


Repeatit Trinity

The Repeatit Trinity family combines high quality wireless PtP and PtF with Repeatit’s performance enhancing wireless technologies including AirTime, PacketHeal and SyncMaster. These technologies significantly increase wireless throughput, efficiency and capacity.

With a diverse range of high performance, small form factor and long distance PtP/PtF, Repeatit Trinity represents the best price vs. performance for any products in it’s class, making it an easy option for network operators to deploy.

Due to it’s outstanding performance, Repeatit Trinity is often used for CCTV applications, enterprise / business connectivity, last mile access and offshore connectivity.


Repeatit Infinity

Repeatit Infinity unites high quality Point to Multipoint with management built by network operators for network operators to overcome roll-out obstacles, economic challenges and support issues.

Through integration with RCS, Repeatit’s free network management software, Infinity reduces cost and time of deployment, greatly increases ability to troubleshoot remotely whilst also providing users with a wire-like wireless connection.

Due to it’s technological and commercial advantages, Infinity is widely used by ISPs, carriers, network operators in large-scale networks in under-served markets.