Wireless service providers and enterprises

around the globe are challenged to deliver reliable connectivity in overcrowded RF environment. As spectrum increasingly becomes a scarce commodity, finding the right broadband connectivity solution is vital for all low and high density types of deployments.
Cambium Networks resolved this challenge with a breakthrough technology solution that delivers superior performance, resiliency and reach in the most congested environments. ePMP Force 110 high gain integrated solution enhances range and improves throughput in high interference environments.
ePMP Force 110 is comprised of ePMP 1000 Connectorized Radio and ePMP 110A-525 Dish. Operating in the 5 GHz frequency spectrum, the solution brings wireless broadband connectivity to customers over longer distances and provides a superior return on investment.
The platform supports bandwidth-intensive services such as VoIP, video and data with high performance and exceptional reliability even in difficult RF conditions.
It is the most effective connectivity solution for reaching the under and
unconnected around the world.

Specification Sheet

EPMP Force110
EPMP Force110
ePMP Force110.pdf
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Consistent Throughput

Modules are available with up to 84 Mbps from a single tower


Solutions available from 900 MHz to 5 GHz

Rapid Deployment

Low complexity for ease of installation and rapid deployment

Low Maintenance

Minimize operational costs with low maintenance infrastructure